Aqua Coolkeeper Cooling Pet Bandana Red Western

With this cooling pet bandana you will prevent overheating of your dog. Performed in a nice red print.
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Cooling Pet Bandana Red Western

This cheerful cooling pet bandana in a red print is not only great fun to look at, but cools off the neck of your dog too. The perfect way so as to avoid overheating. Just soak the cooling pet bandana 30 seconds in cold water, and the collar will spend hours to cool down the neck of your dog.

Determine the correct size for your dog: to measure is to know, click here for details!

Available in the following sizes:

Size Neck size
XXS 19-25 cm
XS 26-33 cm
S 34-41 cm
M 42-50 cm
L 51-60 cm
XL 61-68 cm
XXL 69-77 cm














About Aqua CoolKeeper

The Aqua Coolkeepr products are recommended by veterinarians worldwide. The special cooling mats and the dogs harnesses are also useful for other pets such as cats, rabbits, ferrets, etc.
Dogs can only regulate their body temperature by panting and sweating through the pads. They do not have sweat glands, making them prone to overheating or heatstroke. This can cause very serious damage to the organs or lead, in extreme cases of overheating, to their death.
The Aqua CoolKeeper is specially designed to keep the body temperature under control.

How do the products work ?

You put the product in cold water and after a few minutes it is suitable for use. The Aqua CoolKeeper will cool for a long period of time, up to 5 days. After use, you can just lay it back in cold water.
The products can be cleaned by a quick hand wash with mild soap in cold or warm water.

When can I use the Aqua CoolKeeper products?

It is recommended to cool your pet in the following situations:
■ in hot weather
■ if you are traveling with your pet
■ in sports and games
■ in the warm air

What can I expect from the product?
■ reduction of heat stress
■ reduction of elevated body temperature
■ opening of narrowed airways caused by heat stress


Koper heeft geen omschrijving achtergelaten.


Super! Hij is lekker koel en staat ook nog eens cool!


Super tevreden over deze bandana's, onze honden vinden het heerlijk.


Prima product, onze boomer is er erg blij mee!


Hij is zo gaaf. Ik had al een blauwe, en heb nu de rode besteld. Ze zijn echt mooi en onwijs goed. Zo koud en blijft ook lang koel.


Lekker koel voor de hond

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