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Agility and training

Various obstacles and other articles that are used for agility training for the dog.


Agility and training

Agility training

Agility is a popular dog sport where the dog follows a course with obstacles as agile and as quickly as possible. The sport is a derivative of horse jumping, but more extensive. Horses jump in height and / or width, but with agility, the dogs clamber over obstacles, run and meander through a track with poles and also run through tunnels.

This agility is a favorite pastime for many dogs and their owners. The dog learns to follow a course with various obstacles, and tries to do this quickly and flawlessly. The dog shall receive the guidance of his master with voice and gestures, but the dog should not be touched. The training will teach the dog to respond accurately and well on the verbal and nonverbal clues.

Agility uses many different types of obstacles and challenges the athletic skills of the dog. It's not just a sport but also a recreational activity for the owner and the dog. The innate inquisitiveness of the dog is encouraged by this sport.

The advantages of this dog sport: the dog and the owner learn from each other, work together and form an effective team; the dog is better educated; the dog moves a lot and gets a good condition.

The dog executes the commands independently from whereby the senses of the dog are stimulated and the memory and the concentration of the dog is strengthened. Also, the dog has contact with other dogs during training so that the social behavior of the dog is promoted what stimulates the dog's daily life and will benefit the owner.

Even if you do not do agility training with your dog, it is always a spectacle to watch a show or competition. You will see how simple it looks, but you realize how many hours of training have been necessary.

Agility at a course is set up with different obstacles. An average course can consist of 15 to 22 different obstacles. The obstacles appeal to the different skills of the dog such as jump (height and width); running through a tunnel; do a slalom along poles ; run on shelves and the like.

A course is set in a different order each time so that the dog and the trainer has a new challenge every time.

Is my dog suitable for agility training?

Every healthy dog with a normal physique is suitable for agility - if your dog has a healthy condition. If the dog is fully grown, you can start with an agility training. When that is exactly, will depend on the breed and size of dog, with a normal average dog will be around the age of one year. Of course, every owner must built up the training and take account of the dog. Some dogs are by their physique not suitable for jumping: big, heavy dogs or dogs with short legs are examples.

Agility is built up where the dog firstly learns all the obstacles and appliances. The owner trains along with the dog to give good directions. The training is aimed at enhancing the cooperation between the owner and the dog, and to improve the cooperation in order to achieve a good result. The ingredients of time, patience and above all fun play a leading role.

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