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Cooling Vest Dog

Are you looking for a cooling vest for your dog? At you will find a diverse range of cooling vests for dogs. View the cooling jackets below and order directly!


Why a cooling vest for dogs?

Cooling vests are basically dog vests that help your dog cool down. Unlike humans, dogs don't sweat and it can be difficult for our four-legged friends to get rid of excess heat and regulate their body temperature. That's where the best cooling vests for dogs come in handy.

By panting and perspiring through the paw pads, a dog loses its heat. During hot days this can sometimes be too little. In that case, you will have to help your four-legged friend with this. Fortunately, this is very easy with a dog cooling vest. A cooling vest is designed with special materials that help speed up the evaporation of water, just like cooling bandanas and cooling bands .

These vests simulate the process of sweating in humans, which provides cooling. For this it is important that the cooling vest is moistened with water. If enough water evaporates, it can lead to a significant drop in your dog's temperature.

Playing with a cooling vest for the dog

Dogs need exercise. Not only does it help them stay healthy, but it also makes them happy. This can be difficult to achieve during the height of summer when temperatures are soaring.

In warm weather it is important to pay a little extra attention to your dog. Our four-legged friend has no sweat glands, which means that it is difficult for him to regulate his body temperature.

Keeping your dog cool in hot weather is especially important as they are more prone to overheating. Cooling dog vests and coats are the best way to protect your dog from the blazing summer sun. Walking during a heat wave is always not recommended and will remain so! Cooling vests offer smart protection against the sun and cooling through evaporation.

Do dog cooling vests really work?

Dog cooling vests really work, but keep in mind that this is up to a point. In extreme heat, a cooling jacket will not work as well. However, on hot days, the cooling vest helps to cool down faster.

What should you pay attention to in a cooling vest for dogs?

Depending on your needs, there are a few things you can check if you want to invest in the most reliable, affordable and convenient dog cooling vest for your four-legged friend.

The vest must fit well

First, it may be worth looking for a vest that is adjustable and easy to put on as your dog grows or has difficulty sitting still. It may be helpful to consider a vest that also has room to attach a leash or collar.

Some dogs feel more comfortable in clothes than others, but no dog likes to wear things that don't fit well. To make sure your pooch wants to wear their new cooling vest, you want to make sure you choose a style that is right for your dog's body type. In doing so, you must ensure that you choose the best size.

Easy to clean

A cooling vest that is easy to clean looks nicer and generally lasts longer. A washable, water-resistant or machine-washable vest can also be useful if your dog likes sand or rolls in the mud.

Simplicity to use

Cooling vests are easy to prepare for use: Simply dip the vest in cool or cold water, wring it out and put it on your dog.

If it dries out before the walk is over, simply pour some more water over the vest. Some owners also like to put the vest in the freezer for a while before putting it on their dog.

Cooling vests are designed to work well with your harness or collar and leash. Outside the dog often has to be on a lead. That is why it is useful to choose a vest that fits your dog's leash or collar.

Ideally, cooling vests should also have reflective strips. Although you usually use the cooling vest during the day, it can still be warm at the height of summer when the sun has set.

Buy a cooling vest for dogs at Petsonline

Do you want to buy a cooling vest for your dog? Then you can contact Petsonline. You will always find a suitable dog cooling vest in our range. All our products are of high quality. This means you always choose a good cooling jacket that will make your dog happy.

Have you found a suitable vest? Then you can easily order it via our website. With an order from €49,- you pay no shipping costs. Are you not satisfied after receiving the product? Then you can return your order within 30 days. So order a cooling vest for your dog at Petsonline right away!


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