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Dental care for the dog is important to prevent the development of calculus and prevent inflammation in the gums.



Dental care for the dog

Just as in humans, the teeth of the dog should be taken care of. It is known that few pet owners actually do this.

Why is it important?

The teeth of the dog has the same elements as in humans: teeth and molars. It is important to take care of this well in order to avoid problems with the teeth. Like the humans, plaque is created, which consists of food particles, bacteria and saliva. In case of insufficient cleaning, plaque can harden into tartar by saliva and bacteria in the oral cavity. Tartar is seen as a hard brown layer on the molars and teeth, and can only be removed by a veterinarian. Failure to do this will press the tartar at the gum line and the roots of the teeth can become exposed. Then bacteria and food particles will nest and will cause inflammation.

The dog will stink evidently from the mouth. The inflammation can cause the molars and teeth to become loose, and which is also very painful for the dog. The bacteria can also cause infections in organs such as the kidney, liver or heart.

To avoid this mess, it is necessary to care for the teeth of the dog.

What possibilities are there to care for the teeth of the dog ?

Good oral health starts with toothbrushing. Obviously this is easiest if you start with this when the dog is still young. Use a special toothpaste for dogs, not a toothpaste for human use. There are various models toothbrushes designed specifically for use for dogs, there are even electric toothbrushes available. For normal maintenance, polish approximately twice weekly, with tartar or inflammations daily, in consultation with the veterinarian.

There are also special wipes to clean the teeth, they can be used if your dog can not get used to a toothbrush.

A mouthwash can be used for fresh breath and prevents the formation of dental plaque. Of these, there are also variations that are added to the drinking water for the pet.

Finally, the right diet can also contribute to healthy teeth. Soft food sticks to the teeth and can cause plaque. Dry food is a better choice, because it has to be chewed, and thereby applies the more chew, the less plaque will emerge.

If your dog has persistent problems with the teeth, it is best to go to the vet for a consultation and treatment.

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