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Dog Puzzle

A dog puzzle challenges your dog and stimulates the dog's creativity so that boredom is prevented and stress levels are reduced.


Dog Puzzle

Why a dog puzzle?

A dog is like a human being and should be challenged intellectually. A fetch game is more based on the dog's instinct and by giving your dog a challenge for the brains will keep your dog busy and prevents boredom of your dog. Did you know that boredom often is the cause of chewing and gnawing dogs?

A dog puzzle is also great fun for both the dog and the owner. The dog can lose the mental energy, because the dog is often bored. That is not strange, because sometimes dogs are long left alone in the house. The dog owner obviously takes good care of the dog, but often the attention is limited to physical exercises and it is often forgotten that the dog must be able to use its intellect.

A good dog puzzle stimulates the dog, both mentally and physically. The intelligent dogs are simply delighted when they are challenged intellectually and will be happy to be doing a puzzle. Veterinarians also recommend dog puzzles for dogs, that for example need rehabilitation after surgery.

If you play with your dog with a dog puzzle, the bond with your dog will be strengthened. The more you play with the dog, the stronger the bond will become and the more pleasant the dog will become. Use a dog puzzle multiple times per day for shorter periods so that you can reward the dog with such a puzzle as a reward for good behavior.

There are many different types of puzzles available. Initially, the dog may sometimes not understand a puzzle immediately, and you will have to teach the dog how the puzzle works. It takes some effort, but you'll be happy with the results. A dog that is being challenged intellectually is generally quieter and easier to handle.

Many dog games are based on a system of attention, puzzles and reward. There will be dog snacks hidden in the puzzle that the dog must learn to find them.

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