Petsafe Staywell Manual Locking Cat Flap White

A deluxe white cat flap with 4-position locking, suitable for cats up to 7 kilos, including a tunnel element.
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Staywell ManualLocking Cat Flap White

This white cat flap is suitable for cats up to 7 kilos. You can lock the door in 4 different positions: only outwards, only inwards, inwards and outwards, completely closed.

This cat flap can optionally be expanded with a tunnel section, with which this cat flap can also be placed in thicker doors. You can place the cat flap in interior doors, exterior doors and walls.

An additional tunnel section can be ordered as an extra, so that the hatch can also be installed in walls or doors with a maximum thickness of 54 mm.

The cat flap is supplied including a manual for assembly.

Dimensions: 219 x 219 mm.

Colour: White.

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