EQDOG Cooling Vest Cool Dog Blue

A high-tech blue cooling vest for the dog, which works through moisture evaporation. Just make it wet and your dog will be cooled.
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Cooling Vest Cool Dog Blue

The climate is changing and extreme temperatures are becoming more common. Very hot summers are no longer a rarity and our dogs very much suffer from intense heat. Especially dogs with lots of hair and the very young or elderly dogs are very sensitive to high temperatures.

Of course you can help to cool your dog by taking a dip in a lake or use water to cool down your dog. But, that's not always possible, or do you not like a dripping and wet dog?

The perfect solution is this cooling vest for your dog!

It is a unique design that is made of a self-cooling and reflective material, durable nylon. The result is an innovative and high-tech cooling vest. Once the fabric is wetted, the dog is cooled by the evaporation of the moisture.

The advantages of this technology is that the dog is cooled during a long period of time, because it works as long as the fabric is moist. Just make it wet and the cooling vest immediately goes to work. The cooling vest is very easy to put on, connect the two buckles on the sides. For added convenience, the vest has a zipper along the neck so that it will fit dogs with a big head.

The design is sleek and well designed to cover the major organs and to cool those in a good way.

You can clean the cooling jacket in the washing machine, but do not use fabric softener.

Features Cool Dog cooling vest for dogs:


    • Self-cooling equipment
    • Highly breathable material
    • Super robust mesh on the outside
    • Works through moisture evaporation (no gel!)
    • Superior moisture absorption
    • Fast moisture transport
    • Fast heat dissipation
    • Two adjustable buckles for easy donning and doffing
    • Perfect fit
    • Zipper at the neck
    • Streamlined design

Color: light blue.

Available in the following sizes:

Maat  Max. Girth  Back length
XXS 45 cm 23 cm
XS 64 cm 29 cm
S 72 cm 41 cm
M 90 cm 49 cm
L 100 cm 54 cm
XL 110 cm 60 cm

Determine the correct size for your dog: to measure is to know, click here for details!
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