Petsafe Microchip Cat Flap Pet Porte

This high tec cat flap is opened by the cat's microchip. The Petporte smart flap® Cat Flap microchip reads your cat's microchip to access your home without the need for a collar.
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Microchip Cat Flap Pet Porte

Your PetSafe® Petporte smart flap® Microchip cat flap only works if your cat is equipped with a microchip.

Currently, some older and non-standard microchips may not work with this cat flap. You will find the number of your cat's microchip on your registration form provided by your veterinarian.


  • Helps keep unwanted cats out
  • Works with EU standard 15-digit microchips
  • Can be programmed for up to 25 cats
  • Beeps when your cat comes in
  • Optional night mode to keep your cat indoors at night

You can set the cat flap in four ways: fully open, fully closed, only access inside, only access outside.

This cat flap is suitable for cats up to 7 kg.

Dimensions: 232 x 232 mm.

Size of opening: 171 x 180 mm.

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