Hunter Adjustable Dog Leash Neoprene Green

A beautiful green dog leash that is lined with very soft neoprene. The leash can be adjusted threefold and is 200 cm long.
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Adjustable Dog Leash Neoprene Green

This is an ideal dog leash for daily use, sports or training. The leash is durable, easy to clean and can be adjusted three times. The length of the dog leash is easy to adjust. The length can also be adjusted en route without having to detach the leash from the collar.

The durable and high-quality nylon of the dog leash is supported by soft neoprene. The padded underside of the belt extends into the hand loop, making it comfortable to hold, even during longer walks or training sessions. If necessary, the leash can be easily washed. Because the underside of neoprene is always made in a contrasting color, the belt is always a striking appearance.

Color: green with black neoprene lining.

Available in the following sizes:

Size Width Length
10/200 1.0 cm 200 cm
15/200 1.5 cm 200 cm
20/200 2.0 cm 200 cm
25/200 2.5 cm 200 cm



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