EQDOG Dog Life Vest Pro Life

A beautifully designed dog life jacket, fully waterproof, with a perfect fit.
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Dog Life Vest Pro Life

This dog life jacket is high tech! The excellent design and the sleek design will fit your dog like a second skin.

This jacket is very light and is completely waterproof. This ensures the life jacket will not suck up water. The unique design allows your dog all the movement required in or out of the water. The dog life jacket is fitted with a strong handle on the top, which holds more than 180 kg. This handle is perfect to assist your dog in the water or on the boat for example.

The wide flaps around the belly ensure that you can lift your dog safely and comfortably. By design, the abdomen is well protected and the lack of spare parts minimalize the risk that your dog is trapped underwater by branches and the like.

The material is high-tech and abrasion and tear resistant. In addition, the dog life jacket uses modern technology, has a low resistance in the water and a high buoyancy. Round the neck of the jacket, flaps with a strong Velcro closure that are specifically designed so that no hair of your dog gets stuck.

The dog life jacket has an extra snap closure around the neck and belly for extra security. By using this flap closures, the dog life jacket is perfect and easy to adjust to the size of your dog.

Features of the Pro Life dog life jacket:


  • Excellent fit

  • Adjustable Velcro closure

  • At the top a sturdy handle loads up to 180 kg.

  • Wide belly flaps for extra comfort and safety

  • 100% waterproof material

  • Easy to clean with mild soap

  • Reflective for more security and visibility


Color: yellow / gray.

Available in the following sizes:

You can choose from the following sizes:

Size    Neck size   Chest Size   Back length
XS 29-37 cm 47-61 cm 23 cm
S 39-50 cm 61-76 cm 33 cm
M 44-56 cm 71-91 cm 42 cm
L 56-72 cm 81-100 cm 48 cm


Stop met zoeken! Dit vest is qua pasvorm en kwaliteit geweldig! Bij veel andere zwemvesten is er weinig ruimte bij de voorpoten waardoor de hond zijn ellebogen schuurt. Bij dit vest is er veel ruimte! Biedt veel stabiliteit in het water. Het vest waar ik lang naar heb gezocht. Kost wat maar dan heb je ook zeker wat!


Het zwemvest kan goed strak om de hond bevestigd worden. Het houdt zijn kop goed boven water. Het zwemmen is hierdoor minder vermoeiend. Het handvat bovenop is zeer stevig en de buikband goed breed. Ideaal om de hond mee uit het water te tillen op de kade of op de boot.

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