Sleepypod Cat Carrier Medium Red

A brilliant multi purpose red cat carrier that can be used also as a portable cat bed.
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Cat Carrier Medium Red

This red Sleepypod has been awarded many times! It is not only a beautiful cat carrier but also a portable cat bed. Your cat can get used to the sleepypod at home before going out, so your pet will not negatively associate the carrier with travel or for example a visit to the vet.

The design is modern and timeless.

The inside of the carrier is very luxurious, the edges and the bottom have a layer of foam for extra comfort, and in addition a thick plush coat. Your dog or cat will be very comfortably in it. Both layers can be removed from the bag in order to be cleaned.

Once your pet is accustomed to the Sleepypod, attach the top very simply with a zipper and you can transport your cat safely and comfortably - in a familiar environment for your pet!

The top is fitted with sturdy mesh so the cat can see out. Also, on both sides, there is a opening with a zipper and a handle on top that allows you to easily carry the bag. The bag features a leash to attach the cat to the collar.

The Sleepypod comes with a shoulder strap so you can wear over the shoulder bag.

You can also lock the bag in the car with the seat belt.

Colour: red.

Suitable for cats up to 6 kg approx.

Diameter 43 cm.

Total height 34 cm.

Height without top when used as a cat bed 16 cm.

Weight 2 kg, without the top side 1400 grams.

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