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This cat flap is opened by the unique microchip of your cat. Only cats that have been recognized by the cat flap, can enter the house.
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Microchip Cat Flap

This is truly a high-tech cat flap. Based on the microchip of your cat,  it can enter. Because the microchip has a unique number, other cats can not enter. There is no separate cat collar necessary! The cat flap works with the normal European type chips FDX-B.

The cat flap indicates, on the basis of the chip, access from outside to inside.

There is a timer that can be set optionally to allow only entering into the house, and disabling the cat to exit the house.  That can be very useful, for example if you would like to keep your cat inside.

You can also set the cat flap into the 'vet mode' that the cat can only come inside and not go out.

The cat flap is equipped with a backup system that works on batteries so that in case of a power failure, the door keeps functioning.

The cat flap can provide access to 25 different cats through the microchip numbers.

Max. weight of the cat: 7 kg.

The cat flap comes with an adapter with a 2.5 meter cord. There is an optional extension cord of 5 meter.

Dimensions: 232 mm x 232 mm, cut out size 171 x 180 mm.

For thick walls or doors, there is an optional tunnel extension element available.

Color: white

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