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A brilliant leatherette orthopedic dog bed with top quality memory foam. Is supplied with a removable dog blanket.
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Dog cushion with memory foam Paul

This designer dog bed is made of very fine leather, that does not need ant special maintenance. The orthopedic dog cushion is filled with memory foam that ensures for a healthy and natural position of your dog.
It comes with a dog blanket of fleece, which can be removed with a zipper.

The memory foam provides pressure relief allowing your pet to sleep in a relaxed and natural position, the foam will relax the joints and muscles. It also adjusts to the shape and weight of the dog and also the spine is supported in a perfect way. Using memory foam mattress in a dog cushion, just as in an ordinary mattress, prevents the formation of pressure points.

The dog blanket is made of fleece. The fleece has a density of no less than 400 g per square meter and comes from Italy. The top quality makes the fleece soft and fluffy even after frequent washing. You can wash the cover at 30 degrees and at a low-temperature dry it in the dryer, whichwill remove the hair.
At the same time, the body temperature is also regulated. The result is a deep and relaxed  sleep of the dog.

This material was developed by NASA for use in space to avoid too much pressure on astronauts during takeoff and landing. 

There are many types of memory foam available, this manufacturer uses only 100% memory foam, without any addition of other materials. A dog cushion of this material will last for many years to come.

This dog cushion is recommended for dogs with the following conditions:
- Osteoarthritis
- Dysplasia of the elbow
- Dysplasia of the hip
- Overweight
- After surgery
- Older dogs

Available in the following sizes:

Size Dimensions L x W x H
S 90 x 70 x 10 cm
XL 110 x 90 x 10 cm

You can choose from the following colors, the second color is for the color of the dog blanket.

  • Taupe / violet
  • Taupe / caramel
  • Taupe / dark brown
  • Taupe / pea green
  • Black / graphite
  • Black / medium grey
  • Black / red
  • Brown / caramel
  • Brown / dark brown
  • Brown / pea green
  • Brown / red
  • Brown / violet
  • Grey / graphite
  • Grey / red
  • Grey / violet

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