Freezack Dog Collar with red lighting

A dog collar with red lighting that you charge with USB. The size of the collar can easily be adjusted to the neck size.
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Dog collar with red lighting

In the Netherlands we have short days a large part of the year so that it is dark for a large part of the day. Walking your dog is not always very pleasant because you naturally want to see where your dog is. It is also safer for other road users if they can see your dog from far away.

This collar is charged with a USB connection.

The lights can be set to different positions: continuous light or blinking, off.

There is an on / off button in the collar. You can simply trim the collar to make it fit for the neck size of your dog.
Available in the following sizes:

Measure Maximum neck size
S 40 cm
M 55 cm
L. 70 cm

Determine the right size for your dog: measuring is knowing, click here for information!


Geeft goed licht. Er is alleen geen "klik-systeem" om de halsband om of af te doen. Je moet het lichtslangetje in een rubbertje schuiven. Vraag me af of dat na 100 keer nog een beetje blijft zitten. Heb nu de band express te groot zodat ie zonder los te maken over zijn koppie geschoven kan worden. Maar ja, dan kan ik natuurlijk weer makkelijk afvallen. Gelukkig heeft 'ie grote oren.

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