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Dog Scooter

Scooter with your dog on a modern dog scooter. Let your dog run along with you !


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Dog Scooter

Dog Scooters

The latest craze is to scooter with the dog. Everyone knows the scooter, which are now available in hip, modern and safe designs. You use a dog scooter as a regular scooter, and let your dog run along .

Because you always have a foothold, scootering is considered safer than cycling.

Not only you but also your dog gets plenty of exercise when you scooter and therefore your condition, and the dog's condition, will improve. It is ideal to ensure that your dog gets enough exercise each day. A half hour walk is not enough for many dogs, while cycling with the dog is not for everyone or every dog because of the high speeds.

Dogs simply need a lot of exercise to prevent problems such as obesity. The scooter provides a fun and safe way to put the dog and yourself in a better physical condition.

The scooters have a large front wheel and a smaller rear wheel, which provides stability and safety during the ride. The special design of the modern dog scooters ensures a low center of gravity that further contributes to scootering safely.

You attach your dog to the special leash that is attached to the connector on the scooter. Scootering reaches a normal trot speed for the dog, so muscles and joints are not overloaded. An ideal speed is around 12-14 km per hour, the use of a special computer can come in handy. Let the dog not run, a trot is the desired speed. You attach the dog best to the right side of the step (in the U.K. to the left) so you will not be troubled by other road users.

Please note that scootering, like cycling, in hot weather can be dangerous for your dog. If it is warmer than 18 degrees is too hot for your dog and it will soon have a high risk of overheating. Also, the surface may get warm and damage the soles of the dog.

In the beginning, some dogs are a little hesitant at the dog scooter, but there are also dogs that will love it immediately. They get used to it quickly and end up totally excited if you take the dog for a ride in a dog scooter.

To take a ride with your dog scooter, use it preferably in quiet places such as cycling and walking paths in the woods or in the park. Busy roads or narrow paths are not recommended for your safety. The best you train the dog with some extra commands so that you can give it effortlessly direction. Scootering is not recommended for dogs under the age of 12 months, also scootering by children with the dog is not recommended.

If you have not previously used a dog scooter, we advise you to practice first by yourself to get it mastered and later use it with the dog. Also, you should build up the distances slowly.

During scootering with your dog, you can best stop every half an hour to cool the dog and have it take a rest. You will have then the opportunity to check the feet for blisters or abrasions. Make sure to always have enough water on hand.

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