What is Carnivoer?

CarniVoer is a Dutch brand that has completely specialized in raw pet food. Raw pet food for your dog and your cat has many advantages. For example, this type of feed leads to a more efficient digestion with a higher intake of nutrient components and therefore occur much less waste products. As a result, the liver and other organs are less heavily loaded. A direct consequence is that the body of dogs and cats work better and have better resistance.

Why raw pet foods?

Does your dog or cat suffer from much shedding, an oily or smelly coat, obesity, bladder stones, tartar, lots and / or colored stools, problems with the anal glands, problems with the ears, upset stomach, intestinal problems, problems with the bones? A raw foof diet can be a soluton to all these things !

How to start with raw pet food?

You can give CarniVoer right from the start to a puppy or kitten. For the older dog or cat, we recommend a phased switching to raw food. Contact us for further information.

My pet is still not accustomed to raw food?

We often get the question that a pet would not be accustomed to raw food because they live in a home environment. Pets are domesticated but not evolved into commercial food such as food that is heated i.e. kibble, canned foods and the like. There are no dogs nor cats that can digest such feed optimally. Remember that this type of feed exists only sixty years so an evolution towards this manmade nutrition has not yet been possible.

This means that the digestive system of the dog and cat is fully set to raw food. This does not necessarily mean that all other food is bad. Other food will only be digested many times less efficiently and produces more waste materials that are harmful to the animal.

Many pet foods contain preservatives and fragrances, colors and flavors. Dry food contains virtually no moisture, as this needs to be long lasting. The raw food and snacks by CarniVoer consist of 100% natural ingredients without additives additives. Is raw food expensive? No. Not if you balance the cost of the food to the savings it generates. Raw food is many times more efficiently absorbed into the body of your pet, dramatically reduces stool and leads to a reduction in visits to the vet. Therefore, you save on these costs.

Why should I give CarniVoer?

CarniVoer is compiled by Dutch veterinarians with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of raw food for dogs and cats. CarniVoer contains no grains (gluten), no preservatives nor fragrances, colors or flavors. This prevents the body of your pet being loaded with foreign substances.

Is CarniVoer be complete?

Yes, CarniVoer is a complete diet if you give at least three different types of raw food over six weeks. Variety of species in the diet is important, because the body is unable to absorb all the essential nutrients from one kind of complete nutrition.

What's in CarniVoer?

Several mixes are available. These mixes are available in packs of 2 x 400 g and 3 x 200 grams. The composition consists of chicken bones for enough calcium, vitamins and essential fats.

Muscle meat and organs complete the food. When we use in the duck mix duck bones instead of chicken bones. Of course everything in the right proportions so carefully to avoid nutritional deficiencies. For (elimination) diets please contact Petsonline. They will, in consultation with the vets CarniVoer provide proper dietary.


Besides the raw food, CarniVoer has many differenct snacks. From the famous beef tripe to our Bite-Swallow-road workout snack. For all animals or activity you will find a right snack available.All snacks are dried, 100% natural and contain no fragrance -, color - nor flavorings. So it is a sensible snack.

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