BeOneBreed Katt3 Cat House Starter Kit Small Wood

A complete starter kit to build the cat house of your dreams. You can expand the package with the loose Katt3 parts.
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Katt3 Cat House Starter Kit Small Wood

Give your cat a customized dream palace with these uniqueparts! Katt3 offers you and your cat the possibility to design and build an unique cat house using loose parts. This starter kit is a good way to begin.

The spare parts combine different elements for your cat or cats, because multiple cats can use a Katt3 cat house.

The base is formed by the cubes. These are supplied with four different panels, which you place according to your own design. An open and closed top or bottom panel is included. All panels can click together quickly and easily without the use of tools. With the aid of a strip, the sides are put together. Cubes can be put together in many different ways. You can see the different options in the videos below.
Because the cubes are very light, a tower can be somewhat unstable. Therefore, straps are included that allow you to attach the cube to a wall for added stability. The starter kit contains one cube. You can expand your design with additional, optional, cubes.
The dimensions of a cube: 35.5 L x W x H 35.5 35.5 cm.

The accessories provide a choice of different elements to add to your cat house.

A soft pillow of memory foam provides the cat a lovely place to rest or sleep. These pillows can be put on top of a cube, so the cat can keep an eye on its environment. Memory foam is a particularly comfortable filling. Memory foam always springs back to its original form. This makes memory foam pressure reducing and is widely used in pillows and mattresses. The material takes the shape of the cat by body heat, the foam will have the ideal fit for the body of the cat. The pressure of the body is distributed uniformly over the entire surface.
The starter kit includes one memory foam pillow in a wood print.

Finally, there are several cat toys that are hung in the cat house. The starter kit contains one cat toy.

Since the cubes can be attached to each other in different ways, you can completely customize a house for your cat and take into account the furniture, windows and the like.

Here are some tips.

The location of the cat house Katt3

  • Place the Katt3 cat house in a place in your home where the cat can see most of his territory. It will almost always be the room that is used most frequently by you and your fellow residents.

  • Try to ensure that the cat has a view of as many rooms as possible and of the exits.

  • View is important for your cat. Make sure that the cat can look out a window from the cat house.

  • Is your cat often lying somewhere where it is not welcome? The solution is to your cat to offer a berth sufficiently high. The Katt3 cat house does this.

Designing a cat house 

  • A resting place on a sufficiently high level ensures a quiet cat, the cat can keep an eye on the environment. Design the cat house having sufficient height, you will have the greatest chance of a cat who will gladly stay.

  • A design of small height which does not exceed an armrest, is not very interesting for the cat as a rule.

  • The Katt3 cat house also replaces the scratching post. The cat will scratch with pleasure if the cat house is sturdy enough, otherwise not.

  • Do not hesitate to use more cubes for the Katt3 cat house and attach it to a wall of sufficient strength and safety if the cat house is higher than 3 cubes.

Let the cat get used to the cat house

  • If your cat does not seem to appreciate the cat house, encourage him to place cat treats on every surface and play with the cat.

  • Note that kittens initially will not climb to the top floor. Use some treats to encourage them.

  • Some cats prefer closed cubes, but do want to have two exits. Experiment plenty to see what your cat is most comfortable with.

Do you have multiple cats?

  • Extra height means for the cats an extra floor in the cat house. The more levels, the more space, the less chance for conflict!

  • Create several ways to go up in the house.  ou can use multiple cubes, or make use of the environment. This prevents a possible conflict when a cat blocks the way up.

Content of the Starter

  • 1 cube
  • 1 wood memory foam cushion
  • 1 cat toy
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