Bayer Bolfo Fleeguard

A spray to the area to be treated against fleas and flea larvae. Approx 6 months, 2 weeks against larvae and adult fleas.
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Bolfo Fleegard

Since most of the flea (95%) are located in the immediate surroundings, it is necessary to also treat the environment at a flea infestation. This spray contains Pyriproxyfen and Cyfluthrin, and operates six months against the flea larvae and two weeks against the adult fleas if the product is not removed by mechanical cleaning (cleaning with water).

For a correct flea treatment, all animals in the family must first be treated with a good product. Next, clean the environment first with a vacuum cleaner.

Because of the vibrations fleas emerge from their cocoon. After that, use a spray to kill the larvae and fleas. Of course, all areas where your pets reside must be treated. The bag of your vacuum cleaner must also be replaced, you do not forget this ?


Bolfo Fleegard should not be used in places where children may come from 0 to 4 years.

Bolfo Fleegard should not come in direct contact with food or drink.

Bolfo Fleegard should not be used on badly-ventilated places.

Method of administration

  • Close windows and doors of the areas to be treated.

  • Spray Bolfo® Fleegard from a few centimeters in places where adult fleas and larvae hiding. These are mainly the corners of the room, cracks and crevices in the floor or in the parquet and behind baseboards, because fleas and their larvae are slightly shy.

  • The product is not suitable to treat large surfaces such as floors.

  • Spray a few seconds per spot.

  • Leave the room after the treatment, and allows the spray to act for about half an hour.

  • Then ventilate the area thoroughly before taking it back into use.


For effective flea control, it is also important to treat all dogs and cats in the house with a suitable product.


250 ml. 

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