Bayer Advantix

A fast-acting remedy for dogs which quickly kills fleas, ticks and lice. In addition, it protects against mosquitoes, sand flies and stable flies.
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Advantix is a fast-acting remedy that fleas within 24 hours, ticks and lice kills. Advantix is also suitable for protection against mosquitoes, ticks, sand flies and stable flies.

Please note that this product is suitable only for use by dogs.

The remedy comes in pipettes that you drip onto the intact skin between the dog's hair after which the dog is protected four weeks against fleas is protected. Advantix also kills flea larvae that come into contact with a treated dog, and is suitable for use for dogs with a flea allergy. Also chewing lice are slain. Your dog will be protected from fleas for 4 weeks, 2-3 weeks protection against sand flies, 2- 4 weeks against mosquitoes and4 weeks against stable flies.


Dogs <4kg

1 pipette Advantage® 40

Dogs between 4-10 kg

1 pipette Advantage® 100

Dogs between 10-25 kg

1 pipette Advantage® 250

Dogs between 25-40 kg

1 pipette Advantage® 400

Dogs over 40 kg

Use the appropriate combination of pipettes

Rain or bathing water do not affect the efficacy of the product, unless your dog is frequently swims or is washed. In that case, an extra treatment may be necessary, in particular when there are a lot of fleas in the surrounding area. Let the dog for 48 hours after installation do not swim in open water, because the treatment is harmful to aquatic organisms in the water. Advantix should not be administered more frequently than 1x per week.


You can not use this drug in dogs that are hypersensitive to the active substances. The product is only suitable for dogs older than 8 weeks. Minimum weight of the dog: 1500 grams.


Side effects rarely occur, but some dogs may show the first few days after applying a temporary allergic reaction: itching, rubbing, slight hair loss and redness at the injection site. These symptoms usually go away by themselves.

Other rare side effects, which pass quickly are:

  • anxiety in your dog (whining, rolls)

  • vomiting, diarrhea, excessive salivation and loss of appetite

  • irregular twitching movements and convulsions in dogs that are prone to the component permethrin

Should your dog lick it, this can lead to nerve symptoms such as tremor and lethargy.


Your dog can become infected by fleas again up to six weeks after starting the treatment. In severe flea infestation, more than one treatment may therefore be necessary. In addition, it is important to treat the area of the dog to kill adult fleas and flea larvae.

Active ingredients

Imidacloprid, Permethrin

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