Barcelona Dogs Martingale Dog Collar Brocade Deep Purple

A beautiful purple Martingale collar, made of pure brocade, suitable for greyhounds and whippets.
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Martingale Dog Collar Brocade Deep Purple

A beautiful purple brocade dog collar, that is made entirely by hand. A Martingale collar enhances safety for you and your dog because the dog can not escape as the collar can not be pulled over the head. Because the collar is adjustable, it will always fit exactly around the neck of your dog. In addition, the collar will close itself if it is pulled in a non-aggressive manner, giving you better control over your dog and the neck can not be damaged.

A martingale collar consists of two loops: a large loop around the neck of the dog and a short loop to which the strap is fastened. If your dog pulls on the leash, the short loop pulls the collar tighter without strangling. The big advantage of a Martingale collar is that the collar is worn loosely, but can alwasy be tightened, which is  very useful if the head is not wider than the neck of the dog (greyhounds!). The collar can not be pulled over the head so it is safer than a regular collar.

This collar is available in the following size:

Width : 5 cm.
Neck size : 28-50 cm.

These collare are extra wide and therefore very well suited for greyhounds.

Determine the correct size for your dog: to measure is to know, click here for details!

A Martingale collar works differently than a standard dog collar, see below how to make the Martingale collar smaller or larger.

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